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The foundation of our hair extensions success is in the education we provide for our clients. 
So to give you the best possible start with your Easihair extensions that are a safe and affordable way to add length, volume or color, chemical free.
Easihair stylists are certified and professionally educated on the Human hair extensions. We can best educate you on where the Human hair is made and how it came to be, We will give you the background of the company, the maintenance of and the requirements needed to commit to the Easihair extensions.This way you are able to take that information and make the best possible choice in taking advantage of what hair extensions are and what they can do for you.
Weather you have solid or multi-dimensional colored hair. There are 27 different colors to choose from to match the tones you wish to exhibit in your hair. Your hair may require only a few to a medium amount for fullness or if you desire a medium to long length these extensions will full fill your need to have hair that looks strong, beautiful and healthy.
I look forward to meeting with you and please contact me with any questions you may have!!!
Hair by Eileen
@ Perfecta Salon & Spa
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In creating length or Fullness It is highly recommended that you have at least chin length hair!
Last but not least before your survive can be implemented it is extremely important that your hair is thoroughly clarified with NO CONDITIONER OR PRODUCT!!!